Waterpump blues – part 3

Waterpump blues – part 3

So lets finish the job:

After assembly of the waterpump parts into the clutch cover it must be replaced.

Making sure the gasket is in tact I covered it with a thin film of silicon for justin. ( we all sometimes take a short cut, its late at night and the bike needs to be finished, my only transport at the moment. my plan is to replace these gaskets in the near future. I just need to get her going now)

Tighten bolt to the correct torque settings.

Then replace the water pump cover and pipe. Remember to check if the o-rings are still usable.

Filled the bike with water and oil (I used cheap oil in order to flush the old contaminated oil out of the system).

I bled the cooling system to ensure that no air is in the system, as per instruction. I then ran the motor for 45 seconds(approximate) for the oil to get into the whole engine and then drained all the oil. It was still Milky (emulsified?)

I changed the oil about 4 times, before I noticed and improvement in the oil colour. Each time only used about 2 liters of oil for the flushing, but the 4 time I filled it with 3 1/2 liters. this took care pf the last of the contaminated and emulsified oil.

I now filled the Engine with the new oil that I bought.

I am trying out an oil manufactured/mixed up for me by Megalube. It is fully synthetic and to manufacturers specification.

Lets see how it turns out. it is much cheaper than using the Motorex. I need to try something as it is more expensive to service my KTM compared to my Landrover just because of the price of the oil. And the landrover actually takes more oil (a lot more) than the KTM.

I noticed water seeping from the waterpump cover. I drained the water from the system again and opened up cover.

On inspection of the o-ring I found that it is very hard and malformed.

I did not have a new one on me but i remembered that I still have some o-ring material left from replacing my oil filter cover o-ring. Comparing the 2 o-rings, I found they were the same diameter. Ther was enough left to make a new one for the waterpump cover.

I think I am going to carry some o-ring material in different sizes in my toolbox for longer trips.

I replaced everything, filled the system with anti-freeze (being confident in my new o-ring) and tested. No leaks.


Waterpump issues sorted.

It took me another hour or so to completely assemble the rest of the bike, including tanks, crash-bars, exhaust header, covers and put away the tools that I used.

I actually only replaced the ones that needed to go back into the storage of the bike.

In the pictures is the setup I use now, playing around with a couple of ideas (this aditional storage space idea came from Briv on the wilddog forum) but more on this another time.

The rest will be put in its place later as i want to go home now.