Waterpump blues – part 2

Waterpump blues – part 2

Getting myself motivated was a drag but, I got myself back in the workshop, as the bike needs to get back in a usable state. I miss riding my Katoom.

As I already stripped the tanks and some other bits to get to the water pump last night, I started the night’s work by undoing the exhaust manifold and steel pipe into the water pump.

I removed the pump housing, then removed the clutch/engine cover, I did not remove the small clutch cover separately.


I removed and replaced the seal and bearings as per the instructions on the HOW except that I did not heat the casing, I used a suitable punch and hammer and tapped the bearings out and the new ones in.

take note of the circlip between the 2 bearings. you need to remove it before trying to tap the second bearing out.

These are the new parts required for the water pump: seal, shaft, 2 bearings

The old shaft compared to the new shaft.

When replacing the bearings and seal make sure you grease the fitting surfaces well to assist in the fitting.

To protect the seal from being damaged by the sharp edges of the new shaft I recommend you cover the shaft end with insulation tape and grease before trying to insert the shaft into the seal.

After fitting the seal, shaft, bearings and impeller you can replace the cover, taking care with the new gasket and moving the impeller until the shaft grove slips over the driver.

The cover is back on but my time is up for tonight.

Tomorrow night i will fit the water pump housing fill with cheap oil to flush the contaminated oil from the system and fill with new oil and water.