Waterpump blues – part 1

Waterpump blues – part 1

After finishing the fork seals and head bearings of the 950, I took her for a test ride. I almost crapped myself when I realised that the steering is so loose after replacing the head bearings. I didn’t realise that the old ones were so bad.

On my return to the office I found that the water that I topped up before my test ride is all gone, the expansion bottle is empty.
I filled the radiator again and the expansion bottle to the correct level. The engine warms up nicely and the water in the expansion bottle goes up a bit and then stays stable until I switch her of, then al the water in the expansion bottle is sucked back into the radiator. Replaced the radiator cap and did the same with the same results. I pulled the dip stick and started to worry as the oil was milky.

After investigating and talking to a couple of KTM mechanics about the symptoms, I was confident that the problem is not as big as I thought.

It was only the water pump shaft seal.

Following the how to’s on HOW (Hall of Wisdom) (ktm950.info) I get started.



To get to all the important bits I start by removing the tanks.
Then I drained the contaminated oil out. I drained the oil reservoir, sumps and oil screen cover into suitable containers.

Contaminated oil

I didn’t have enough time to do the whole job, so I am forced to do the job in instalments, day1 is past and my bed calls. I will continue tomorrow night to strip the waterpump. I have all the spares and new oil ready.