The scenic route – Breeds nek

Instead of riding the usual route back home from my visit to Rustenburg, I decided to take the scenic route which takes me over Breeds nek and Maanhaar rand.

This is a dirt pass crossing the Magalies mountains between Rustenburg and Hartbeespoort dam. it has always been a favorite of mine, just to see the view and escape from the rush of the usual monotonous trip to the mine.

coming from the northern side of the mountains the rout started of smooth and recently graded  but as you ascend the road gets worse the closer you get to the top.


20131128-220916.jpg   20131128-221114.jpg   20131128-221141.jpg


The road gets badly rutted and rocky, the last section before you reach the top is so bad that it can not be done by a normal car. It can only be done with a vehicle (preferably a four wheel drive) with sufficient (read very high) ground clearance. Going up with my trusty stead was great fun.

20131128-221220.jpg  20131128-221249.jpg   20131128-221314.jpg



20131128-221401.jpg   20131128-221432.jpg   20131128-221512.jpg


Going down the other side after admiring the views the road is smooth and well maintained. If you want to see the views and you do not have a suitable vehicle you I would recommend that you ascend and descend from the south. We have on occasion met mountain bikers and hikers on the pass.


20131128-221550.jpg   20131128-221615.jpg   20131128-221636.jpg


As much I love exploring on my own, seeing my two boys waiting at the gate makes coming home awesome.