Stop the noise 2012 August

Stop the noise 2012 August

Needing to get away, the voices in my head are getting to much. I am wound up so tight I am becoming unpleasant to be around. So on our return from Klein-kariba I decided to take the bike to the farm for some escaping from the noise.

I took my time packing and only got away to late to take the usual dirt way round to Parys. So I opted to get there. The trip was incredible, not that anything happened, it’s just because I was riding the KTM for the first time in a while not for work and the new head light with HID’s and led spots made the trip in the dark just so enjoyable. Why didn’t I fix the headlight sooner. I was actually the one who stuffed it up in the first place trying to make a mould for some covers using to much hardener with the fibreglass that i boiled the lens.

Sitting next to the fire the silence is almost deafening, just what i needed.

Waking up to the sounds of the felt is priceless. The cool breeze on my face sticking out from the sleeping bag. Today will be me sitting on the hill just staring and listening.
Tonight a friend or two will be joining me and tomorrow a long dirt ride back home