Vision-X Spotlight Installation – LED

Vision – X Spotlight Installation – LED

I finally got around to mounting the VisionX LED spots and brackets that I acquired from Katundu a while back.

For the electrical connections I got a ready-made harness with illuminated switch from topbox. I could make up my own, but it would make the job a bit longer.

I don’t have any pics of the installation process itself, but here is the final result. In some pics the camera was focussing on the wrong bit, will get some better ones later.

Spots mounted onto the crashbar with a very clever but simple bracket that Katundu supplied with the spots

The switch mounted on the dash

The frontal view


Brights only

Gimme all you’ve got baby

I went for a quick ride last night to check check them out, they need to be adjusted up and outward, but they are awesome already.


Report written by Happy Customer Buzzlightyear (Nicki) on the Wilddog Forum – LED