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With technological advancement in fabrics and thermoplastics polyurethane (TPU) we can now offer products that are lighter, stronger, more durable and with the added bonus of being eco friendly. This bag is one of the strongest and toughest bags around!This multi-activity duffel bag is feather light. 100% Waterproof, dust-proof, mud-proof, storm-proof, sand-proof, snow-proof.


  • Water tight protection: 100% Waterproof and Dustproof (IP66)
  • Feather lite built tough: High frequency vibration welded seams. Less weight with increased abrasion, puncture and wear resistance.
  • Eco Friendly: Easy clean TPU 600DP and 420DP fabric. These bags can be recycled, eventually one day when you are done with it.
  • When not in use, the bag can be compacted more than most other bags for storage.
  • Easy packing: The closures open up to a wide mouth duffel making packing belongings easy.
  • 4 x D-rings for multiple attachment options
  • Inside mesh pocket
  • 4 x Tie down straps with quick release and hook points
  • High visibility reflectors
  • Its flexible and variable packing volume adjusts to any situation, takes all the gear for travelling, and sports. The roll closure has its roots in stuff sack technology. They can be used on any water craft, motorcycles, or just for beach days with the children or surfing
  • With the IP66 rating this bag can handle quick submersion in water and will float
  • Air valve to let out air when closing the bag up


Water adventure sports: canoeing & water, kayak, yachting, rafting, surfing, parasailing, sailing, wind surfing. Keep valuables dry or insulate wet clothing and equipment Off-road adventure sports: cycling, hiking, 4x4 adventures, motorcycle tours, horse riding, cave and mountain climbing.

Apart from the superb outdoor capabilities of these robust and weatherproof bags, they make superb travel and business bags. Protect your valuables, cameras, notebooks, phones and important business documents.

  • VOLUME: 50L
  • DIMENSIONS: L60cm x H 29cm x W 29cm
  • WEIGHT: 1.4Kg


Why do we prefer TPU fabric for ATG products:

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fabric is preferred by extreme travellers, adventurers and sports enthusiast for its superior toughness, outstanding abrasion, impact and tear resistance. The fabric is recyclable and decompose over time. Our products constantly have to endure the abuse and use by our customers.

  • Higher tensile, tear, and puncture strength vs PVC
  • Outstanding low-temperature performance. Rubber like elasticity
  • Higher oil, solvents and grease resistance compared to PVC
  • More environmentally friendly than PVC and recyclable
  • Excellent UV resistance. Product colour will not fade over time
  • Superior abrasive resistance compared to PVC.

Note: All outdoor products age and wear with tough use. Treat your gear with care

Price: ZAR1,350.00

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