Camping and sleeping

Camping and sleeping

ATG Multi-Fuel Stove

The ATG Multi fuel stove is the one to choose for outdoor adventurers. Strong, reliable and versatile. Featuring self-cleaning shaker jet technology, it burns Benzine, unleaded auto fuel, LPG and comes standard with a Butane / Propane attachment.   Read the rest of this entry »

Price: ZAR2,100.00

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ATG Stretcher

The Camp sleepers double as beds at home for visitors and children’s friend sleepovers.They work well for caravan campers or trailer campers where packing space is at a premium with children or grown ups.

True light weight compact minimalist type traveling can now be done with these sleepers.

The ATG sleeper can be used in a tent or under a tarpaulin or as is out in the open. With the sleeper it lifts the person off the ground away from crawling insects and water. The materials are designed to endure the abuse and wear associated with outdoor use. Read the rest of this entry »

Price: ZAR2,200.00

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Ice Breaker Down Sleeping Bag

The Ice Breaker is South Africa’s bestselling down sleeping bag and has one of the best reputations about. From the ‘berg’ to backpacking around Europe, it’s a winner! Combined with a thermal liner it can even be used in colder conditions such as Kilimanjaro. Lower Temp rating -8°C | Extreme Temp rating -18°C
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Price: ZAR3,899.00

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Snowdog Tent – First Ascent

The Snowdog Tent is a spacious 4 season tent that is designed to perform in extreme conditions, including high winds, heavy snow and rain. This tent is perfect for explorers who venture out into mother nature’s most hostile environments. Read the rest of this entry »

Price: ZAR5,999.00

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