Apline Hearing protection – Single filter Earplugs (swim, Snore Work, Kids, Party, Fly)

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What makes Alpine different.

Custom filtered noise plugs have a sound bore through the mould into which a filter is fitted. This permits reception of conversational speech, aeration and changes in air pressure in the user’s ear canal. A choice of filter depending upon need, acts to attenuate the noise by varying degrees of frequency.

Single filter range



SleepSoft+ earplugs are the first and only earplugs on the market with soft filters. These unique soft filters ensure that annoying noises are muffled whilst a crying baby, the doorbell, the alarm clock and the alarm remain sufficiently audible..


FlyFit has been developed for usage mostly while en route or during holidays. These earplugs are the perfect solution for pressure on ears and unpleasant ambient noises in cars, trains or aircrafts.


At work hearing protection is mandatory at noise levels over 80 dB and fortunately more and more people are wearing hearing protection in their home environment. The special filter enables clear audibility of speech, radio and the environment.


Quite a lot of people who enjoy swimming suffer from water in their ears. For this group in particular, Alpine has developed SwimSafe earplugs. Its build-in filter retains audibility and at the same time prevents water from entering the ear.


Every year many young people create deafness during a night out. The noise level on an evening out can be very damaging. Especially for these people Alpine has developed the PartyPlug. With the special filter you can still enjoy the music.

Pluggies Kids®

It’s vitally important to offer maximum noise protection to a vulnerable child’s delicate young ears. Pluggies Kids earplugs have been specifically developed for the attenuation of excessive noise. Pluggies Kids will help your child to work or read with a better concentration level.

Attenuation values in decibels
                       Hz   125   250   500   1000   2000   4000   8000
WorkSafe       dB   18,8  15,6  16,0   18,5     27,7    23,9   22,0
PartyPlug       dB   14,8  15,0  15,7   18,7     26,6    24,4   18,9
Pluggies Kids dB   18,5  16,5  17,1   19,6     28,6    24,1    22,0
SleepSoft+     dB   19,1  18,5  18,3    22,7    26,3    30,2    22,5


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