As we work on our beloved toys, fixing them and preparing them for our adventures we sometimes take some time to record our playtime.
Work done is not always by the book and does not replace the manufacturer’s workshop manual.
It sometimes includes some bush mechanics.

Some bright light – Photo’s of HID lights

After remounting my LED spots I took the bike into the road to set them up to give me a nice spread of light usable light. Here are some photo’s of the LED spots and HID lights fitted on my KTM 950 Adventure

Henry’s KLR gets some spots

Henry’s KLR gets some spots

Henry installed some Vision X Solstice 1100 Solo Pod LED Spotlights on his KLR.

He says he was tired of riding in front of our bikes with these fitted as it made him nervous ( I think Jealous) giving him the feeling that a high speed train is on his arse trying to catch him.

Here are some pictures of the finished product. (will add some of the installation shortly)

Waterpump blues – part 3

Waterpump blues – part 3

So lets finish the job:

After assembly of the waterpump parts into the clutch cover it must be replaced.

Making sure the gasket is in tact I covered it with a thin film of silicon for justin. ( we all sometimes take a short cut, its late at night and the bike needs to be finished, my only transport at the moment. my plan is to replace these gaskets in the near future. I just need to get her going now)

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Workshop Notes

Workshop Notes

Please note that posts in the workshop category are not necessarily detailed How to’s and are basically records of our playing, maintaining, fixing and building.

We will from time to time add detailed instructions for products we manufacture.

You will also find detailed instructions on some installations we did for testing on our vehicles or installations on clients vehicles.

You might also find incorrect use of tools and short-cuts.

We will try to include links or references to detailed how to’s and the manual.

Our advice is to consult as much sources as possible including the manuals of the equipment and detailed instructions given by respectable mechanics.

When using any of the posts as reference, please also refer to other sources and your own common sense.


We trust you will enjoy our workshop with us.