Buff – Cyclone Buff

Buff – Cyclone Buff

Tested the cyclone buff today:

Had to go to Rustenburg for work today and as the weather report predicted a cold front i desided it would be a good time to try out something new. Usually a use a Buff but today I got out the Cyclone buff.

I pulled it over my head and folded it as a balaclava, put my helmet on and faced the one of the coldest days of this winter that I experienced.

I underestimated the windchill factor and forgot to put on winter gloves. Needless to say my body my hands and body froze, but my net and face was very comfortable and warm.

The cyclone buff is made from 3 different materials: the bottom part is made from a windstopper fabric blocking all the wind from our neck, it has a section of stretch fabric to fit snug around your neck and the top part is made from the same material as the original buff but is doubled forming a air pocket to keep the heat inside.

I also used it while walking undergound in highly ventilated areas. it kept me warm and comfortable. on my way home I didnt use it as it warmed up and was not required.

I am very impressed with the Cyclone buff, I used it a week later to do the same trip again  and everyday since traveling to work.

For cold conditions it is perfect, but i will still use my original buff in warmer weather to keep the sun off the head, neck cool and sweat from my helmet.

August 2011