ATG 30Lt Backpack

ATG 30Lt Backpack

I have been using the ATG backpack since February on a daily basis to transport my laptop and sometimes files and documents on my commute or to clients. Together we faced some of the highvelds best thunderstorms where at times my rainsuit did not keep me dry, but the contents of the backpack stayed dry.


I mostly strap the bag to my topbox as seen in the first pictures, but at times carried it on my back. I was surprised at how comfortable the bag sit on your back.

This was money very well spent!!

The bag comes with enough refelction to ensure you are seen by cagers.

The laptop inner can be removed and the bag used as a normal backpack

The harnass can alos be removed for the bag to be used as a normal bag with enough place to tie the bag down onto the bike with rok straps.


Lastly pictures of the flap that rolls up to close the bag, and the back of the harness that comfortably sit on your back.


The Gauteng rain season is looming, this is the perfect bag to keep you goodies dry.


Written By Oetie on 8 September 2010