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Henry’s KLR gets some spots

Henry’s KLR gets some spots

Henry installed some Vision X Solstice 1100 Solo Pod LED Spotlights on his KLR.

He says he was tired of riding in front of our bikes with these fitted as it made him nervous ( I think Jealous) giving him the feeling that a high speed train is on his arse trying to catch him.

Here are some pictures of the finished product. (will add some of the installation shortly)

Waterpump blues – part 3

Waterpump blues – part 3

So lets finish the job:

After assembly of the waterpump parts into the clutch cover it must be replaced.

Making sure the gasket is in tact I covered it with a thin film of silicon for justin. ( we all sometimes take a short cut, its late at night and the bike needs to be finished, my only transport at the moment. my plan is to replace these gaskets in the near future. I just need to get her going now)

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